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Michelangelo and Leonardo. Pencil/inks by @drew_moss colors by me. Cowabunga!

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If you enjoy it, you understand it. — Gertrude Stein

A little reminder to authors

There’s always going to be that self-proclaimed know-it-all person that claims to have some ‘insider information’ on any given element within a fandom, especially true when it comes to fantasy and scifi, where they will spout ad nauseam how something may or may not be possible when all they are really showing is how very lacking in imagination they sadly are.

Just ignore them and keep creating - the fans appreciate it - because it’s sooo refreshing to get new perspectives and air out some of the boring old ideas.

Take it from me, I’m one of those fans that enjoy watching your imagination run free. And I’ll always be here to support you and those ‘crazy’ ideas of yours. ;’D


This is tumblr right now..


This is tumblr right now..

One man does not have the right to tell another man how to think. -Jerome Lawrence, regarding the premise behind his play, Inherit the Wind

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The Dashing And Demure Design-A-Character Contest is OPEN



Contest entries are open now, and will stay open for 2 weeks, until October 22nd. So start designing your characters and sending them in!

D&D Design-A-Character Contest Entry Conditions

Contest entries can take two forms:

1. A biographical entry with the following details: name, age, physical appearance, strengths and flaws and a short (500 word max) history of your character.

2. A short (1000 word maximum) fiction snippet of your character’s life in the Regency world.

Either entry type is fine, but don’t submit both. You may send in as many entries as you like.


1. No long-lost members of the Hamato clan, no former students of Hamato Yoshi, no family relatives of any kind.

2. See rule 1.

3. No turtles.

4. No canon characters.

However, mutants are welcome.

Entries breaking these rules will not be posted.


If we choose your character submission, we promise not to

(a) kill the character, or

(b) give them syphilis.

By submitting your character idea, you give the creators of Dashing and Demure free rein to use the character in a way that best suits the plot and the world. You relinquish any and all creative control over the submitted character.

How to submit

Send your entries by email to


adoradork will be collating the entries and posting them anonymously on the Dashing and Demure Contest Blog.

rosiewriter and jbadgr will be judging the entries and will make the final decision on the winner.

Fan favourite

Don’t forget to like and reblog your favourite entries. The entry with the most likes and reblogs will win the fan-favourite category and make an appearance in the main Dashing and Demure story!


The winner receives:

— A side story written for their character in the Dashing and Demure world

— Appearance in the main Dashing and Demure story

— A drawing of this character, or another character of your choosing.


Send an ask to the contest blog if you have any queries.

Good luck and have fun! We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

We promise not to kill your character or give them syphilis.

This made me laugh so hard you have no idea.