Anonymous asked: Oh, you are studying spanish! What do you know to say?

Well, the general stuff, introductions, basic polite exchanges, etc. I can read it better than speak it.

I love words and languages are like keys to understanding people better - I only wish that it was more encouraged to learn as many languages as possible!

My daughter is learning French in school and my son chose Spanish! So, I’m getting a few words here and there from them as well. ^.^


alamogirl80 asked: I just saw you "get to know me " meme and... you have my birthday. And my timezone. I'm kinda flailing over here!

*marches in a circle* Libras RULE! Libras RULE! …well, maybe we rule, I need to decide…sometimes we rule, er, can we rule? Let’s discuss and come to a diplomatic agreement, shall we?

hehee, Libra humor.

That’s very cool! Born and raised in Chicago! South SIDE! XD

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Name: Brenda

Nickname: Bren (only by siblings) 

Birthday: Oct 7th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: hetero

Height: 5’ 4” 

Time Zone: Central Standard

What time and date is it there: August 30th, 10:25 am

Average hours of sleep I get each night: varies

The last thing I Googled was: HAHAHA, um, ‘third degree burns’ 

My most used phrase on Tumblr(s): probably OMG - everything TMNT related makes me hyperventilate like a teenager despite my decrepit age. 

First word that comes to mind: Quiet! (As in: shut up brain, I’m trying to hear what word pops into my mind.)

What I last said to a family member: ‘Billy Pilgrim reminds me of your brother, Nick.’ - Hubby is reading Slaughter House Five right next to me.

One place that makes me happy &why: the NW Pacific coast, more generally, the ocean - wanted to see it all my life, was 23 when I finally did, it has left its imprint on my soul. One day I want to live where I can hear it.

How many blankets I sleep under: depends - it gets mighty cold in Chicago during the winter and very hot and humid in the summer!

Favorite beverage(s): thick hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows

The last movie I watched in the cinema: TMNT over and over again. Before that Guardians of the Galaxy (which I loved!)

Three things I can’t live without: My husband, my writing, books

Something I plan on learning: more Spanish (I know a bit, but want to be fluent), how to make homemade croissants (I love bread baking), drawing more accurately, and just how bad my original fiction actually is when I start submitting it. XD

A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t beat yourself up when you’re feeling down. Roll with it.  Let the river of your emotions carry you to where you need to be. You’ll reach the other side eventually and be whole once more.

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accio-ash asked: Oh my gosh!!! I just finished reading Only Choice and it literally killed me!!! It was brilliant yet sad and I just can't!

Oh, thank you! I gotta give it to alexhamato - an amazing writer whom I deeply admire - it was merely a vague idea that I had that she helped inspire me to develop further and write. It was her idea to raise the stakes from just trying to find the boys’ lair. To add an element of chaos to the mix.  To get someone personally attached to them involved.

My evil muse went immediately to little Shadow, particularly because Mikey’s strong attachment to her.  So, it went from just a typical story of two of them being captured and grilled for information on the whereabouts of their home - to something much darker, much grimmer.

I need to write more about The Pride. I kinda like those crazy sonsab*tches. But I have a thing for villains. XD

Thanks for reading and for letting me know! 



awesomexlauri asked: Where are chapter 1-6 of the fanfiction on your blog?

Hi, you can find links to all my stories on this page! 

The links to Fireflies, Falling Stars and Forever are just down a bit on the page. I am working on cleaning up my story links and going back and adding chapter links at the bottom of each of my chapters for better navigation for my readers. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!

Thanks so much for reading!


tmntpunx asked: I just finished reading Bridge to Nowhere, and wanted to let you know that I thought it was beautiful. I didn't expect it to delve into Leonardo and Karai's relationship at all, and when it did, my heart swelled a little. I just finished writing my first Leorai arc, and they are so intense. I love how you approached them in this piece; how tenderly you portrayed Leo's struggle and his relationship with Don. Thanks for sharing it with us.

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you!

The situation is rife with the potential for pain of all sorts for everyone involved.

And I absolutely love the dynamic between LeoxKarai. Up against everything. Forbidden. Unattainable. The desire for autonomy. The yearning for freedom. So many hurdles. Too many, sometimes.

And then all the possible ways his family would cope with the situation, or not! Besides just how he would deal with the growing feelings. How frightening for someone who needs to be in control.

Not to mention Karai’s feelings! And though I write her fiercely independent, there would be risks and doubt on her end, too. So much history to overcome. So much family expectations to deny and rail against!

Oh man, I’m rambling, I’m sorry. I get excited just thinking about this pairing, can you tell? They start to represent, to me, at least, something much more powerful than a simple pairing from a ‘kid’s show.’ They take on a near mythological force…two lovers doomed from the start…fighting against the world for their right to love one another….

You see? Beautiful.

Fireflies, Falling Stars and Forever Ch 7

Chapter 7 – Illuminations

Upstairs in the cabin, Leonardo finished brushing his teeth and stepped into their shared sleeping quarters.  He frowned as he noticed a large mound in the center of his bed, under the cotton blanket.  He looked around and made a guess.

“Mikey,” he said.

The mound remained still.  He approached it and fought the urge to tear the blanket from him, sensing, instead, his little brother’s apprehension in the air.  He stooped and caught one corner of the blanket and lifted it enough to peer beneath.  Sure enough, his brother was there, curled in a ball, eyes closed, feigning sleep.  Leo sighed.

“Why are you in my bed?”

Mikey made obvious pretend snoring noises in reply. 

Leo dropped the blanket.  He made an irritated sound.  “Mikey, I’m tired.  I want to go to sleep.”

The snoring grew louder. 

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Bridge to Nowhere

A/N: Allow my sorrow to bleed into a little fic for your enjoyment. An angsty one shot featuring Donnie and Leo talking over a bottle of Sake - a promise made and a bond severed.

Rated T just for a few swears. Not in the Domino universe. A stand alone piece. Two small movie references.


Bridge to Nowhere

The lair sat in early morning stillness as Donatello slipped from his lab.  He yawned, stretching his arms up above his head, a coffee cup hooked through one finger.  He slid his glasses to his forehead and peered around as he entered the kitchen; stopping short.

“Leo?  What are you doing up? Is everything alright?” Donnie asked, glancing around.

Leonardo gave him a sidelong glance and dropped his gaze to the small glass and narrow-necked bottle in front of him.  Master Splinter’s sake.  Donatello frowned.  He reached up and brought his glasses down, adjusted them.

He answered slowly, “No.  Nothing’s up.  Nothing to worry about.  Just … thinking.”  His words slurred and gently knocked into one another like partially melted ice cubes in the bottom of a half-filled glass.

“You’ve been drinking,” Don stated the obvious and pointed his empty mug at the bottle of sake on the table.  If his statement contained a hint of reproach, he could not help it.  Master Splinter was going to have a conniption fit when he learned that Leo, of all of them, had picked the lock on his personal cabinet in his room to get to it.  Donatello wondered what had come over his usually stoic and obedient brother to stoop to such an action.

“This is true.”  Leo lifted the sake up in one hand.  He tipped the bottle and refilled his glass.  “Also true, is that I’m still drinking.”  He threw back the glass and swallowed, looking up and grinning sloppily at Donnie.  There was something along the edges of his expression that suggested a deep sorrow.  A melancholy shadow rested across his eyes.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello by Harvey Tolibao

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I keep imagining a very tired Shepard giving Grunt crayons to keep him entertained. At least until his big boy mission.


I keep imagining a very tired Shepard giving Grunt crayons to keep him entertained. At least until his big boy mission.

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